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Dun and Bradstreet or DNB as they are sometimes called are monopolistic. They basically blackmail business owners into paying $199 to pull a report on their own organization so that they can check if information posted on that report (information that can adversely affect anything a business does) is factual or not.

If DNB is going to declare itself 'the' authority on everything business, then small business owners should be granted one free report per year, plus the ability to dispute anything on that report fee free just like in the consumer world.

Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits against DNB that I could join or initiate? Does anyone else feel like this is just a huge blackmailing monopoly that is out to suck as much cash out of small business as possible?

Thank you.

Ben Screwed

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You could not be more INCORRECT!

The problem with the negative reporting on D&B is that they will not tell you who made the negative report. Trying to fix the problem is very difficult if not impossible when you do not know who made the report. Right now we discovered a write-off of six figures reported on my company and we have had ZERO (0) deliquient accounts since we have been in business (30 years), but we have no ides who did this and D&B will not disclose any information.

Also, why should I need to contact all my creditors to make sure they are doing their job correctly to get to the one that might have had a negative impact on my D&B rating. That's hundreds of creditors we need to contact to fix the one problem which equates to hundreds of hours of personnell time for something that should literally take 60 minutes. Not to mention that the one making the negative report is probably not one of my creditors anyway and all the work you are suggesting every company should do would not prevent this from happening.

So, whyou shouldn't have to pay to keep your GOOD credit rating if you are not doing anything to hurt it. D&B just makes it this way to generate revenue.


Definitely a legit company conducting a phishing scam. We use no credit and have state mandated terms with our vendors.

They still tried to convince me of the importance of their service. I saw it leading to $$$ and cut off the call right there.


I work for a company that contracts with DBCC-Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation. There are two distinct companies. First, I do apologize to anyone who has been treated rudely by any reps. That is unproffesional and wrong.

Having said that, let me clear up a few things.

DBCC does not drop your scores if you do not buy the self monitor-any rep who tells you they have the power to do that is lying. Just like your ads in the phone book and google-you have to pay to get them at the top of the list and you have to pay a service fee to maintain them at the tops. If you dont care what is reported on your report-I take no insult in that-it is your business. If someone else in the same industry as you updates their report and you dont, logic dictates that they may have better scores-by the way you can update your basic info for free on the website-or you can call all of your vendors/suppliers and tell them to add correct info, phone book ads to update info, phone co. to update info, sec of state to update their records, courts to remove or modify their records, any companies that you do business with and demand that they report and report accurate info,banks to update and report accurately,the post office to correct the info-all your utilities to make sure they report accurately and on time. See my point yet? You have to contact all these entities and possibly more to change the info-and they may or may not do it this millenium!

When your paydex score is low-and your report shows a history of slow pays-it may not be you paying slow, or your supplier getting the payments late--it may be that they are entering your payments after the due date. It may be an accounting procedure that they have in place that is affecting your report-tell them to stop it and enter your payments the DAY they recieve the payment-that should stop the reporting of slow pays-good luck getting them to change the way they do business for one person--but make sure that you follow up on this-its very important.

Companies DO pull credit reports-more than you think.I was a Hotel Manager-i not only pulled reports on companies i did business with-i pulled reports on my competitors to see how i could gain more business-in winter of 2005 i had 80% occupancy!!! On the strip where the hotel was occupied there are 12 hotels/motels-I had other GM's come to me and ask how i was staying so busy-I told them i did my homework and it pays off!!!

So, do your homework! Find out if they companies you pay are entering your payments on a date after the bill is due. Call all the above entities and investigate how they report on your business-be proactive!

And please try to remember, there are some of us who truly want to see you succeed! Ive been a business owner-I know how hard they work!!


Extortion is what they are doing. They called me today and tried to make me pay them money. I am mad as a firecracker about it.

Dun and Bradstreet is a joke and antiquated just like the Better Business Bureau. There is not place for them in today's modern world. Dun and Bradstreet is in decline, and their method of survival is to adopt scare tactics that to make business think that they are missing out on opportunity because they haven't paid Dun and Bradstreet to update their credit profile.

Dun and Bradstreet has had their in-house telemarketers to call us in the middle of the day (which I don't appreciate by the way) and try to scare us into giving them money. We simply tell them to "f" off and that we're too busy growing our business to fool with them.

We're doing just fine growing our business without ya, D&B. :)


I too am having heartburn with D&B We use little credit pay our bill on time and after talking to the lady from D&B today you would think we are going out of business tomorrow. We have a small business that has been wonderfully successful for over 20 years.

Why should we pay for inaccurate information that can not be confirmed.

Funny how the call are so similar in nature after reading the comments. I would think this should be very personal to each business.


DNB is a complete scam of a company. We spent over a week updating our company records so we could get approval from a new vendor we were working with.

Our Paydex score went to 2 out of 10 (1 is the best). A few days later DNB called and said we had duplicate accounts and they erased all the new information we spent updating...WTF people get your *** act together. I was then bounced around for an hour trying to get a clear answer from anyone at that company. Basically in the end they wanted us to spend $499 to get the file back online and have us submit trade references.

I can't believe a company like this can actually stay in business.

They have gotten the business world to believe they are the 'authority' on business credit worthiness, but infact it is just a big scam getting hardworking companies to spend more money they don't have to. If anything DNB should turn into a not for profit and actually try and HELP small businesses rather than take away their hard earned money.


Do not trust them. Do not pay them a dime. They will call every few months saying we have had x number of inquiries against your company... blah blah blah.

Bottom line is noone really cares about DNB.

It's a SCAM. I wish small claims allowed damages suits.


I recently updated my address since they had an original address used by the incorporator on file. was factual AT ONE TIME, no reason to expect them to be perfect.

BUT NOW, after making that change via iUpdate, I find some complete stranger's name shows up now as the company principal! Is this a trick by them to blackmail me into paying for their fees?


I dont understand why we dont start a class action suit against them. It truly is extortion at its finest. In order keep the reporting correct you have to pay a fee other wise who cares if D&B report mistakes.


DNB is a scam...plain and simple. They extort.

They call me all the time saying, "someone has pulled a report on your company" and then want to sell me some $400 service. It's quite a racket. I hope they get sued in the next few years. They suck.

Chris...I have to laugh at your comments, you must work for them.

If you had a small business you would see it our way. I don't see any business owners on here saying how great and lovely DNB is.

DNB...*** me.

Bielsko-Biala, Slaskie, Poland #18999

Gee Chris, great comments (not). How long have you worked for them?

What a scam. I just got off the phone with a D&B sales rep who warned me that "at least one company" had requested my file and that if there was anything bad in it that was my problem. The ONLY way to find out if there is an error or something bad is to pay them $399 per year.

This is called extortion.

South Salem, New York, United States #12289

Actually, you're looking at it all wrong. The ability to look up your own scores is a free service once you use the online e-update service at However, to use any of there services there is a fee that is easily payable by any small business owner. And the fact of the matter is, it's incredibly important to have a solid credit history and report in today's economy. DNB spends MILLIONS of dollars to collect information and paying them to manage YOUR business's credit is only fair.

Now, you can try to sue DNB, but they've been around for over 180 years and if what they were doing was in any way illegal or monopolistic, they would not have lasted as long as they have. Now, I do understand exactly what you're saying and agree they could give out a free comprehensive report a year to benefit the consumer, but at the same time they've been providing a free service to you the entire time you've been in business, allow me to explain how business credit works.

Personal credit is reported automatically by anyone you do business with, such as any loans you take out, etc. Business credit is not the same way. You may work with 10 vendors, but only 5 may report. If three of those five companies have had a dispute with you, it'll effect your credit rating negatively, so then it would be the business owner's responsibility to get the other people to report on their behalf. So it's completely reasonable that DNB asks that the business owner pays for these references.

Now, the DNB report will exist whether or not you pay for their services, and your listing will -always- exist and be pulled by other companies. The people your business works with report to DNB, so the information on the report is considered to be truthful, as all reporters went through the DUNSright verification process, so it's only people you legitimately work with that's reporting.

Now as for the price: Paying the $449 for a self-monitor is a ridiculously good deal. It's more than seeing a bunch of useless numbers, it's managing your credit profile. Insurance underwriters pull a report on a business once a year to help determine premiums no matter how long you've been with them, all banks will do the same for interest rates, and people may also be looking just to determine if they can do business with you by the people you work with. Sometimes, your credit references aren't enough, they have to do a background check on your business just like you would before hiring an employee.

So if I could spend $449 that would save me thousands of dollars over the course of the life of my business, give me a new promotional tool, something to negotiate better terms/rates/premiums with, you bet I'm going to pay it. Especially in the construction industry when I have thousands of dollars worth of bids being considered by other businesses, it's worth every penny. Mistakes get made all the time, and I'm not willing to allow my business to miss out on the best opportunities it could have available because I'm too stingy to pay for a service that is CRUCIAL for my business. It's about the price of a cup of coffee day, and anyone can afford that.

So next time you get angry, just learn the facts and how benefical and helpful the service is. ***, they have over 100 million businesses in their database. It's worth every penny.

Parowan, Utah, United States #10203

I couldn't agree MORE!! I've been arguing with them for the past 2 yrs.

I bought a business a couple years ago, and DNB calls regarding all the "helpful" services they provide ... for a fee. Now, the old owners credit ratings show up, and I can change them for a fee.

There SHOULD be a lawsuit.

I've told them it's blackmail. I'm not going to play $300 for someone to tell the truth about my business.

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