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I am being charged $445 even though my acct is cancelled. I am getting collection letters, and calls constantly that I owe 445.

I never signed anything, I was signed on by some shady financial service when we were looking for equipment lease money. (it was a prerequisite for loan app). So i basically paid for one year for nothing (and promptly forgot about it) they are telling me that I owe 445 even though my account was cancelled. I never did anything to begin with, for this "account".

they have it listed in their terms of service, in fine print of course. I have no paperwork that states any of this, I read it on their website.

I vocally told several of their CSR's that I no longer wish their services and on their billings that I sent back.

Monetary Loss: $445.

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was contacted by a collection agency that D&B sent this too. and continue to be contacted by for payment for the $445.00

I spoke to a CSR at D &B after asking him if their company is usually billing people for services NOT RENDERED he said that he would talk to a "supervisor" to have it removed. Of course this was two months ago and I still get an occasional call about this 'debt" and correspondence from D&B about updating my "account".

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