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This is the case of the big guy using its monopoly power to carelessly squash the little guy. I took over the family business that my father incorporated in 1977.

I filled out a credit profile and honestly reported that the business started in 1977. The D&B employee said that even though the business was originally filed in 1977, because we sell different products now than were originally sold in 1977 that my answer was fraudulent. That is a lie. Dun & Bradstreet asked “Date Business Started” on their form.

They did not ask, “What is the date that you last changed what type of products you sold?” Not only did they erroneously place a “high risk” credit rating on my company but they put a “high risk” on thousands of our client’s companies that have done business with us for which we serve as corporate registered agent through another one of our companies. I demand these things: 1. Remove the “severe risk” credit rating from my business profile at once. 2.

Change how you word your credit profile forms so that a reasonable human being can understand what you mean by your questions. It should be crystal clear. Not a mystery. 3.

Remove the “severe risk” credit rating from all of my companies that were rated such as a result of the above. 4. Remove the “severe risk” rating from my client’s companies for which we serve as registered agent that were rated such as a result of the above. With the clients I have, I can have thousands of letters written to our federal and state legislators start regulating the business credit industry.

This careless destruction of the little guy by this big behemoth must be stopped!

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Our company always pays on time and seems like we have 2 negative reports that they would not *** neither will DNB disclose the name so we can figure out why someone “unknown” is reporting negative credit dealings for our company. Unless we pay them “8K ” for Concierge service. “they know it is a tedious process to clean up DNB report and they want to sell us this service to fix it”

This is one of the worst companies I have seen.

Westminster, Maryland, United States #638442

I've owned several businesses over the past 30 years and D&B hasn't been of any benefit to the growth of my company. I agree with many of the comments.

They call you over and over wanting to "update your financial information". I listed one of my businesses with them for a number of years. I spent a *** load of time tyring to keep the information accurate. Credit Bureaus are another entity whose time has come and gone as well.

I won't waste my time giving them anyhing. What's worse no information reported with D&B or inaccurate information reported by D&B.


This company is worthless and a pain in the a** They kept calling my office for an entire month and the caller ID showed as Veterans Health? Their rep left a message 2 to 3 times a day saying there was issues with my companies credit report and that my creditors were concerned and were no longer provide me credit or services.

Well guess what D&B. I have paid off my loans to date which I only had two and paid both loans 1 year early. I have banks and creditors sending me credit offers and calling me wanting to do business w/my company. It's a shame you call business' and try to *** them to pay you over $400.00 subscriptions which is worthless to them.

You don't need to pay D&B a subscription fee to get credit. Your personal current good credit standing and your tax records is sufficient enough to get a loan. Don't let them fool you telling you something different.

By the way Jim at D&B thanks for you rudeness since I couldn't fall for your scam! :grin


It's a little obvious which of the above comments work for D&B ha ha!

Bayboro, North Carolina, United States #440693

Everyone look down at your cell phone. Now google it and find out what the reviews look like for it. Congratulations, you're all just venting because YOU had a bad experience. Fortunately, the rest of the business world is still thriving and a majority of them are active in keeping up with their reports.

When D&B says "People are checking your business credit." it isn't a threat nor is it a scare tactic. To think so is juvenile and a direct correlation to the size of your business.

The information contained within a D&B report doesn't simply prove creditworthiness, it reflects the business as a whole (ie. Do you pay your bills on time?; How much business can you handle?)

I'd also like to comment on the ridiculous claims that there are "no ways to help yourself without paying money to the big, bad CREDIT BUREAU." There is a service for FREE called "iUpdate." You can find it at For all of you that are whining like children, rather than getting to grips with your own reports, feel free to visit the site and update your information. You can also dispute payments through that channel.

So for those of you who are under the impression that there's a corporate giant holding your information over your head until you give it money to satisfy it, get real. I've used D&B for long enough to know how many people actually use the report and how it helps if you're responsible enough to pay your *** bills.

- V


DO NOT be a member. They are a public company and will try to get you to join by saying it is SO importand to because you have numerous companies looking you up.

That is their sales tactic! It is useless.


Dun & Bradstreet used their scare tactics during one of their many unwelcome calls to our company. They said we had numerous competitors looking in our account to try to figure out names of our suppliers.

So, of course, we couldn't find out exactly what was going on and had to shell out a monthly fee so we could "self-monitor" our account. What a joke!!!

Then we couldn't cancel the automatic charge on our account every month until they got three monthly charges out of us. We finally got it cancelled and it took an act of congress!


I too have een a victim and i paid to update my file. So to say that this makes you high risk is rediculous.

I have a personal credit score of 780 and my buisness was had a paydex of 80. O f course this was prior to D&B just arbitrarily decided to to black ball me based on the activities of some of my creditors and and their failure to update my info at my continued requests.


Dun and Bradstreet is a worthless entity that does nothing more than extort money from innocent people. I will never pay them another dime.

How long have you worked for them J?


Dun & Bradstreet is a joke in the information they provide. I am not a member, and anyone who is paying them for information is getting ripped off.

For years they have published a listing for my business which is incorrect in the simplest details, including the address and telephone. There is no way to change this information without "subscribing." Fortunately, Dennis is correct when he says D&B is in decline and there is no place for them in the modern world.


Dun and Bradstreet is a joke and antiquated just like the Better Business Bureau. There is not place for them in today's modern world. Dun and Bradstreet is in decline, and their method of survival is to adopt scare tactics that to make business think that they are missing out on opportunity because they haven't paid Dun and Bradstreet to update their credit profile.

Dun and Bradstreet has had their in-house telemarketers to call us in the middle of the day (which I don't appreciate by the way) and try to scare us into giving them money. We simply tell them to "f" off and that we're too busy growing our business to fool with them.

We're doing just fine growing our business without ya, D&B. :)


In business the day a business started is the same as the day it changed hands from one owner to the next.

This is important to know if you are running a business, family or otherwise, your fathers good reputation does not carry over to you as the new owner, you have to prove your creditworthiness just as he did.

Windsor, New York, United States #43497

I'm a D&B subscriber and I'm thankful that they can identify high risk businesses like this one. If someone can't provide sufficient data to prove they are a creditworthy company then they should indeed be classified as high risk. This has saved my company money and reduced my DSO.



Windsor, New York, United States #38983

Never is the full story told Rick. Is it?

D&B asks specific questions and there are legal guidelines to which D&B follows. Tell the whole story Rick!

New Bern, North Carolina, United States #6490


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