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Dun & Bradstreet will distroy your company's credit rating unless you pay them money or provide them a list of all your customers so DNB can then extort from them as well. They listed a collection item on the report.

I explained that it is desputed in litigation & no longer in collection. Now they list the same item in both locations & refuse to correct the report because the collection co. sends them all customer info and we do not.

My company has a 8 figure line of credit and pays all bills on time. Now new vendors are refusing credit due to DNB unfair practices.

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Dun & Bradstreet is a sham, even the banks don’t rely on them anymore


Dun & Bradstreet are big time scammers that need to be shut down for good and the operators arrested. They are a bunch of criminal extortionists trying to put small businesses under if you don't give them money. Report them to the FTC and you state attorney.


I have a small electrical contracting company that does only cash transactions. We dont even have a credit card and all employees use a company debit card for material purchases...

Now it seems D&B is reporting that i have late payments on accounts that have never existed

The only reason I even have a duns # is due to the fact that we sometimes work on government projects and were required to have it

Eads, Tennessee, United States #799316

I feel like I am being extorted into buying this service from the credit service you mentioned, after speaking to their salesman the other day and declining the service – my “financial stress class” rating declined.

When I called to inquire about it I was told I needed to sign up for the service so there would be information on my account and this would not happen.

There was no apparent reason for this to have happened.

Are you aware of any resources available to fight this? Their sales people are useless at addressing the situation.


We should do a class action law sue against them , I have probably loose a lot of business because of them, you see the creditors don't care about them that is why no one reports to them. So they depend on you to give them the information, information which is their product.

Then they send you a letter that there is something wrong, you call them and they act like they want to help you , then they say that to fix it you need to report to them the people you buy from , when you say how do I do that, I have a login, they say , the only way to do that is with a premier or special account, and is $1,000 per year.

So is definitely a scam because it does not give you the opportunity to fix it unless you pay to be able to get in there. Its unfair business.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #683742

Isn't it funny that everyone's erroneously negative report is based on a $5000 negative report? They only have $650 other than the $5000 negative on my file.

I am trying to correct it but not know who is reporting and not paying them? Yeah, right.

Los Angeles, California, United States #668684

Anyone heard about the movie Fight Club? I believe D&B was the central target ... wasn't it!?

Madrid, Madrid, Spain #623363

We tried to update our phone number in their database.... When you send them an email they just reply with auto responders indirectly telling you to buy their €50 express service.

What kind of a ripoff is this?

They should either be regulated or removed from the market. A joke!


Every one of these complaints is true. We should have 60 Minutes or local TV channels to investigate DNB business practice.

From the day I signed with them I have had nothing but headache and they tell me I cannot to delete or cancel my #.

I do not understand why GSA making us (Business Owners) to sign with DNB when they do not even use it, and then DNB turns around tries to sell our information back to ourselves and other businesses.


This is all true. Our company has impeccable credit but I refuse to be blackmailed by D & B. They send a notice and won't tell you anything except you have a credit score decline and try to coerce you into spending a lot of money with them to get further information.


D&B, Equifax, Transunion, experian should all be regulated. False, imcomplete and fraudulent information runs rampid in these reports.

It is very time consuming and sometimes impossible to eliminate the false information.

FTC regulates these companies. They need to no that these false reports and damaging the economy


D&B is seriously full of ***. I have had an anonymous creditor for the past three years say that I have not paid $5000.00 the code for it bad debt.

Each year it gets removed and they don't want to be identified. Again today I am doing the same thing for the third year in a row and investigating their false claim. D&B needs to be held accountable or at the very least if there is a legitimate business behind this they need to be held accountable. If I owe you $5000.00 why would you not want me to know who you were so I could pay you?

Show me the proof of what I had apparently not paid and I will pay it.

I am not sure who is the problem but I certainly would never give a dime to D&B. They are not a true and correct credit reporting agency.

to kristin Boise, Idaho, United States #605094

I currently have the same exact problem. They say I have a bad debt of 7500 dollars for an account in 2012.

The business that I used to own that supposedly owns this money was shut down in 2009???????? Does not make sense. I called submited a dispute and they denied it and refuse to tell me who I owe money to.

WTF!!! they need to be investigated seriously!!!!


another problem with dandb is that when i spoke with the vice president about unfair credit practices he told me that nobody at dandb said it was fair. the confidentiality agreement that whatever or whoever is reporting on my business should not be so cloak and dagger.

my business has excellent credit. i do believe that the agencies on my report are on another company in another state they constantly cross reference me with.

so, unless i close down my business i will be harrassed by these incorrect reports and i am just shaking my head that a company would not allow us to see what is in their data base. so, no more money from me to dandb.


i am so done with dun and bradstreet. all of the things above are so true.

my report goes into decline every month about the time they get their payment for subscription. and not knowing who is reporting is a problem.

i will be using experian small business from now on. they show who is reporting....not bogus phantom agencies that i have never heard of.


I can corroborate all that my company has seen all the experiences listed above. If business racketeering and black mail is a word, they are conducting it.

They contacted us stating that our credit rating was low and we had a high risk of banruptcy. We are a professional services company, with only payroll and rent expense. We have a debt to equity ratio of 10%, and carry cash equal to more than 50% of our annual revenues, yet we have a high risk of bankruptcy.

We have a few federal contracts under evaluation, and if we find out that their erroneous evaluation of business affected the awards, we fully intend to litigate. In the meantime we are pleased to join any class action lawsuit to prevent them from harassing small businesses

to AR Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #683723

I am in much the same position and would also be happy to join a class action law suit. I am a Federal Contractor, cannot find out what the problem is on my credit report (there shouldn't be any) and they are requiring me to pay.

Are you nuts? I'm a small business. how can they just be allowed to say whatever they please without providing any backup?

Are you serious?


These guys scammed me years ago with their "pay me to update my records so I can resell them" thing. After promises that the terrible service improved I paid again to add some trade references (we work with smaller companies that wouldn't report). Once again - same experience. They don't verify the sources. I called my references and what they told me directly contradicted what DNB had in cases. And, just to be clear, DBCC just collects the trade reference info and sends to DNB to validate. So it IS DNB that is part of this seeming scam. And yes, over the years, I got the "urgent" calls about my failing business credit but never responded because I knew it was a scam. This time I had a specific supplier that needed me to have an updated report to extend credit.

Furthermore, the US Govt requires businesses to get a free DUNS number from DNB to do business with them. Yea, it's "free" - actually it's just a juicy sales lead for DBCC.

What a racket these guys have going on. It is time for this to end. I'm contacting the attorney general to complain in my state and in their stats (CA and MA I think) as well as filing BBB complaints with DBCC in California.


I would like to know which members of Congress were paid to help Dun & Bradstreet. To become a federal contractor it is required that a small business has a Dun & Bradstreet number.

After registering with them they call you incessantly asking for money.

I have not given them any financial information nor the names of my clients. They threatened me with suspension but never followed through.

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