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There may have been a time when Dun and Bradstreet served some justifiable purpose, but if so, that time has long passed. I stopped having anything to do with them years ago, when they ruined two of my clients and nearly ruined three more by arbitrarily deciding that their businesses were "high risk" simply because of the industries they were in.

Despite these businesses having had very good payment records (in four of the five cases, they always paid within 15 days), D&B reduced their scores, which led to their banks cutting off their credit lines, which led to their checks to me bouncing, which led to my becoming very annoyed.

Then one day I got a call from D&B telling me that my own score was being reduced, apparently because of the checks that I had deposited having bounced (as if I had anything to do with that). It couldn't have been because of missed or late payments because I'd always paid my bills on time. But I can't say for sure because D&B wouldn't tell me why they were lowering my score.

Instead, their suggested solution was for me to buy some crock-of-*** Credit Builder service they offer which would allow me to log in and review my company's credit information. Unless I bought that service, they wouldn't tell me a thing, which obviously meant that I couldn't refute the information.

In short, they told me to pay up, or be punished for not doing so. In any other business, that would be considered extortion, or maybe even racketeering, and I wanted no part of if. I told them to stick the Credit Builder service up their ***.

I have since sold that business and started a new, part-time one that keeps me busy enough in semi-retirement. Unfortunately, D&B found my new business, assigned me a DUNS number that I never asked for, and now incessantly calls me for information so they can complete their dossier on it. I always refuse. I tell them nothing. I started by politely declining the first time, then got a bit more firm after the next few calls, and now I do so in angry tirades laden with f-bombs and other samplings of the most grotesque profanity I can conjure up on short notice.

It doesn't matter. No matter how abusive I get, they keep calling me back, despite my repeatedly requesting to be placed on (and supposedly having been placed on) their "no-call" list at the end of every conversation. Still, they keep calling.

I have to say this for them: The people at D&B have very thick skins. Despite the barrage of profanity I unleash on them every time they call, they keep calling back. I almost feel bad for them sometimes.

What it comes down to is that D&B has gone from being merely a useless relic of the past to an out-and-out scam mill. They're desperately trying to pretend that they still have something relevant and useful to offer. But really, they don't. Unless you do business with the government, I can't think of any reason whatsoever to even talk to D&B. Personally, I refuse to provide them with any information whatsoever.

My refusal to cooperate with D&B hasn't hurt me. If I need a loan, my credit union is happy to oblige. I call them on the phone, and they have the paperwork and the check ready for me half an hour later. They couldn't care less about my D&B profile. I also have a company American Express card with a very generous credit line. Apparently AmEx doesn't care that my D&B profile contains basically nothing, either.

In closing, if D&B ever served any useful purpose, that time is long passed. They're just a dead man walking nowadays. I consider them just another scammer trying to get money out of me.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). GeekOnTheHill is overall dissatisfied with Dun And Bradstreet. The most disappointing about a product or service at Dun And Bradstreet was your company will not stop calling me Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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