I was contacted in dealing credit card which was unrecognised and knew nothing about the owner of the credit card. I was threatened and harassed by phone calls and text message to contact them in dealing car loan and credit card. But unfortunately they don't want to...
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I was very upset by the lack of profesionalism and tele-marketing approach demonstrated by Dun and Bradstreet. I have no outstanding debt and it sadens me to think if i was treated like this with no debt, how some poor unfortunate soul would be treated if they, god...
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So my Phone rings, marketing call from AGL Energy. When asked how they got my private business number was advised by Dun & Bradstreet. Asked what other information they were supplied. Mobile number, home address, email address, age, gender and whether i was a good...
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Dun And Bradstreet - Con artists and fraudsters

This is a false account and phone number. I had identity theft and called to inform this firm. They are facilitating fraud. Nothing was done on this account. This firm is facilitating the theft and fraud!
My husband received a text from D&B on the 25th of January 2018 at 4.30pm saying "*********** please call Dun & Bradstreet immediately regarding a business matter on 0800 900660 and quote ref: *******'. He received the same text on the 2nd of February 2018 at...
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I got the text saying please call {{Redacted}} for a business matter in the past two month, when i called them and asked for an official email. They just say "Ok we will send ...

Don't Dispute any Payment Experiences - if you do Dun & Bradstreet will delete all your trade references. We went from a 90 paydex score to 0 in a click of the mouse. D&B didn't verify with the trade references they deleted them. When we asked to add them back they...
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Spoke to Clint Fuller and I want to cancel services. He said he can't do anything and had to escalate it. Told me management probably won't allow me to cancel the account it is automatically renewed for 1 year. He failed to tell me I have to put it in righting to...
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Jan. 2017 I received a credit review from D&B. 3 of the 4 reports were excellent but the Supplier Risk Evaluation was High Risk. Essentially it is telling creditors that it is very likely I will not be in business within 12 months. I called to ask how this is possible...
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I didn't like
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I bought one-time business report for a fee with my personal debit card around this time last year. I assumed that my card information would be used for once and be deleted. An year later which was yesterday, my wife called me there is a charge from D&B and made our...
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If your business wants a good rating call and pay $10k. They will suppress any bad info, only add good info and raise your rating. Guaranteed, I sold the scam for 5 years. Then other companies will view your great report and give you terms that you don't deserve. Even...
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